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Lane Filtering – the Safe(ty) Side

Lane Filtering – the Safe(ty) Side

Lane filtering… lane splitting… lane sharing… different people call it a different name. It is the act of riding a motorcycle in a slow speed between two rows of slow moving or stationary vehicles heading in the same direction. All of us riders have done it, all of us drivers have seen riders doing it. […]

Training: Advanced II – Road Circuit

Advanced Riding II

Advanced Motorcycling Course at HART, ST Ives, NSW Two weeks ago I took The Advanced I course – Handling Dynamics, at Honda HART in St Ives. Two weeks passed and it was time for Advanced II, which focuses on road circuit skills. The course runs on HART’s private road circuit in St Ives, surrounded by […]

Review: MZS Shorty Clutch & Brake Levers

MZS Shorty Levers, Box and manual

As I did not like the look of the stock clutch and brake levers of my MT-03 I decided to get shorty levers. I read some reviews and decided to order the MZS Shorty Levers from an eBay seller in the US. The price appeared reasonable (and more expensive than the cheap cheap Chinese models […]

Yamaha MT-03

The Yammy

After not riding for 28 years I wanted a bike that would ease me back onto 2 wheels. So I consulted an expert: my brother Aviad, a motorbike journalist / trainer / racer / all-round-specialist… Aviad has been living motorcycles for 25 years. He also understands me like a brother (funny that…). So he was […]